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Active Buster

Made from a lone Guidance Unit, the Active Buster is the most expensive weapon in Megaman Legends. Boasting a total cost of 1,740,000z, it definitely breaks the bank. This is something that you get mid-to-end game, but it certainly has its uses.

The Active Buster fires homing missiles, which track better depending on how well you’ve been upgrading the special stat. It’s pretty strong, boasting some of the highest attack power in the game, just behind the Shining Laser. The Energy stat can be boosted to infinite, allowing you to do some crazy stuff, provided you can afford the 999,990z price tag. They can also potentially fire very rapidly, and they leave small explosions as well.

This weapon is VERY useful when taking the Gesselchaft down, particularly on Hard Mode. This also is generally useful on most enemies, as well as bosses like Bruno/Juno who can give you trouble. Because of the infinite energy, there’s really no limit to what it can take down, and with its added homing capabilities, this could very well be the best all-around weapon in the game (in my opinion).

There aren’t any glaring downsides to it, but I figured a weapon with the name Active Buster would let you fire it while moving. This is probably the only downside to it, although it’s not a large one. You just have to keep this in mind while using it so that you don’t do anything stupid. The Active Buster rates a 9.5/10 from me. It’s powerful, and much more interesting to use than the Shining Loser Laser.

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