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960 (B), 2048 (A), 2080 (S)


Amistal’s a pretty peculiar reaverbot. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a purple, spherical, rotating blob that’s doing nothing but taking up space. This blob has no attacks of its own, instead relying on a unique method of defense: Whenever an intruder comes within a certain range, this reaverbot will release little jellyfish-looking drones that will follow you to the ends of the earth. They’re usually placed in areas such as in front of doors and at the end of hallways.

These drones, when they make contact with an intruder, will make a small explosion that inflicts a fairly small amount of damage. There is a specific number of drones that an Amistal can have active at one time, and when one is destroyed (either through being shot or on contact), it will be immediately replaced. The only way to stop the production of the drones is to destroy the main Amistal itself.

Dealing With It

Amistal on their own aren’t too much of a threat. With other reaverbots in the same room, however, these things are an entirely different beast. The small drones can be very distracting, and while they only have 1HP, they do a very fine job of taking up real estate on the screen, especially if you’re fond of the Lock-On system.

The best thing you can do is try to knock out the Amistal’s main unit as quickly as possible. A steady stream of shots will plow through the little drones and primarily hit the main unit. These things are pretty stocky as well; if you have at least an A-License you’ll be firing for a while, so make sure to keep an adamant watch of your surroundings!

Coming In for a Landing

I’m pretty sure I lost a fair number of tries on the S-License Test due to this guy alone. These guys (along with Janfoden) are prime examples of enemies that work extremely well paired up with other enemies. I kind of like the design, too; it’s creative, yet abstract enough that the first time you see it you really aren’t sure how to approach it. I’ll have to give Mr. Amistal an 8/10.

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