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Arukoitan & Orudakoitan


Arukoitan: 480
Orudakoitan: 448


Arukoitan and Orudakoitan are rather unique in how they function. Found all over Kattelox, these reaverbots work in tandem, with the Arukoitan doing the offensive work and the Orudakoitan doing the navigating, much like a digger and spotter. This connection is made evident by the large antennae on their heads, which is used to transmit signals between the two. Additionally, if more than one set of these reaverbots is present in the same room, their eyes will glow a specific color, making it easy to tell which reaverbot is controlling which. If the Orudakoitan is destroyed, the Arukoitan is rendered useless, and will stand motionless awaiting a command that it will never recieve.

Arukoitan’s offense if fairly basic, only shooting a fireball when lined up with an intruder. Aurkoitan is a very agile reaverbot however, and is very adept at avoiding attacks. Orudakoitan has no method of defending itself normally, but there is a variation of them that does not control another reaverbot, yet has the capability to shoot fireballs. It is worth noting that an Arukoitan that is destroyed while its fellow Orudakoitan is alive yields more zenny than taking the ‘easy way out’ and destroying the Orudakoitan first.

Dealing With It

There are two ways to destroy these reaverbots, and the method you choose depends on how much zenny you want. Going after the Arukoitan first yields more zenny, but you do have to deal with a very mobile opponent that can be irritating to take down early on in the game. Arukoitan moves very fast and will shoot back, so having a fast weapon works wonders here. The Machine Buster is ideal as you can fire with it while moving, and your regular buster works fine as well. You can also snipe at it with something strong like the Powered Buster so that you can take it down before it spots you and starts moving. Because there is only one variation of Arukoitan in the game, they become much easier to take down as you progress, and with an upgraded buster/weapon they go down rather easily.

Of course, it goes without saying that taking the Orudakoitan down first is much simpler, but this comes at the cost of a much lower zenny output.

As for the fireball-shooting variation of the Orudakoitan, they are best dealt with at a distance. They can only fire in straight directions, so if your positioning is good you shouldn’t take any damage.

Coming In for a Landing

The Arukoitan and Orudakoitan were a very creative concept. Not only was the idea of a reaverbot modeling the digger/spotter relationship interesting, I also liked that the zenny output being variable gave the player incentive to fight the Arukoitan the ‘hard way’. The only real downside is that there was no stronger variation of these later on in the game. After a certain point they just aren’t really a threat anymore, which diminshes the effect of their gimmick. This pair of reaverbots gets an 9.5/10 from me!

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