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Special Weapons Tier List – MML2

Being a fan of both Megaman Legends and fighting games, the concept of tier lists has always fascinated me. This list ranks how I view the weapons in Megaman Legends 2 in terms of overall usefulness. It is important to note that this is not just a gauge of actual power, as factors such as […]

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Critical Analysis – Legendary Difficulty

Ah Hard Mode, always alluring us by giving us the option to play our favorite games at an enhanced difficulty. Different games have different ways of designing this occasionally masochistic mode; some merely remove the player’s options (weaponry/mobility), some upgrade the armor/damage/patterns/placement of enemies and bosses, and in some cases there will be a complete […]

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Overview Hangekal’s definitely a reaverbot that you encounter at one point during the game and completely forget about afterward. Deep beneath Calinca Ruins lie the keys to get into Elysium’s library, and these little guys fill that hole…erm, role. What makes these keys different from other standard keys in the game is that they’re actually […]

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