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(Screenshot courtesy of Mega Man Legends Station) Overview This review covers Glyde’s flying mech, Zimmerman! If Glyde Draches are analogous to the Bonnes’ Draches, Zimmerman is the avian cousin of the City Hall bombing Horunisse. These mechs work to assault and seige Nino Island for its Key, bringing Birdbots into the fray to storm the […]

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How was I supposed to know that?

The Legends 2 Remake Wishlist: Core and Aesthetics

With the Legends 1 remake articles out of the way, we now give attention to the sequel. As with the last game, we start examing improvements made to the core and visuals of the game. General Core Changes Major glitches fixed. Self-explanatory. Re-balanced Difficulty/License System. In the current Mega Man Legends 2 release, they difficulty system is handled […]

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(Screenshot courtesy of Kobun20)

The Legends Remake Wishlist – Gameplay (MML1)

  Continuing the series on reworking the first Legends game, we focus this installment on gameplay. Unlike the first article, this one will go more into detail on specific instances that can be reworked. Tearing Down the Wall Most of the ruin design in Mega Man Legends is solid, but there’s one glaring Achilles heel. In Clozer […]

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HP:<br>35 (B), 50 (A), 80 (S)


Overview Easily one of the smallest reaverbots around, Inmii is only found within the lush ruins deep beneath Manda Island. These little bugs push forward from one tunnel to another as they head off to…wherever it is that they’re off to. Makes you wonder if there’s a ton of them beneath the surface of the […]

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The Legends Remake Wishlist: Core and Aesthetics

The Mega Man Legends games are great, and I’d love to see them ported to newer consoles (not counting the existing PSOne Classics ports). This series of articles is going to discuss what elements I would change in a remake/remaster of the games. Note that the goal here isn’t fundamentally changing the games, rather adding […]

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Overview This review covers the howling Wolfon! This canine-like reaverbot is first seen in a solo boss fight on the appropriately-named Forbidden Island. Instead of traveling in packs, this reaverbot goes solo, attacking any would-be intruder on-sight. Wolfon goes AWOL up until you get deeper into Saul Kada Ruins, where you encounter a pair of […]

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  Overview Ribbit! Our hopping friend Frongel is the subject of this review! First seen in the caverns of Manda Island, these amphibian-like reaverbots are found in various sub-ruins throughout Volnutt’s adventures in search of the Mother Lode, most notably in the same ruin that houses the first key. A characteristically unique “ribbit” sound can […]

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Vacuum Arm

In the first Legends game, the Vacuum Arm is crafted from three parts, the Broken Motor, Broken Propeller and Broken Cleaner. With a relatively cheap total upgrade cost of 10,500z, you won’t be stressed for cash trying to upgrade this thing. In Legends 2, the weapon is made from the Broken Motor and Broken Vacuum. […]

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Blade Arm

The Blade Arm is a fairly popular weapon. It’s actually the only other close-range weapon outside of the Drill Arm. While getting in close can be risky business, often times the reward can be worth it. In the first Legends game, the Blade Arm was crafted from two items; a toy Zetsabre won by beating […]

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