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Bal Kacche

(Larva): 60 (B), 90 (A), 100 (S)
(Moth): 120 (B), 150 (A), 190 (S)


Bal Kacche are seen every now and then in the minor ruins, but the largest concentration of them reside in Saul Kada’s heated ruins. While some of them transform from their larval state into a fully grown moth, the majority of the ones you encounter are already transformed.

In their young larval state, they hang from the ceiling, dropping when a digger wanders too close. This is a pretty startling sight the first time you encounter it, and will generally catch you off guard. Their sole means of attack resides in a high-damage flamethrower, burning any digger within its path.

What, Bal Kacche Larva is evolving? Should you defeat the larva, a Bal Kacche Moth will rise up. The moths prefer a hit-and-run tactic, spraying you with a white powder that invokes paralysis. They also like to swoop down and try to ram you physically when you’re paralyzed. Without a Light Barrier this can be a downright painful combo to fall into.

Dealing With It

These reaverbots are not too much trouble if you come prepared. The moths are generally more dangerous as they can quickly rush in, stun, and attack you, while the larva’s range limits it. The Light Barrier will help out a LOT here, and a quick flurry of buster shots should quickly retire this reaverbot.

Coming In For A Landing

As a whole, it was pretty interesting to see a reaverbot translation of insects and their metamorphosis. Their colorful design was nice as well, as it really shows the improvement over the sometimes bland designs of the MML1 reavers. As a lesser-known side-note, Bal Kacche is a homage to the villain ‘Berg Katse’ from Tatsunoko’s own Gatchaman series. Both are purple, pointy, and can undergo a metamorphosis (albeit into a woman). You can actually spot this guy in the background of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom’s Galactor Base stage. I give Bal Kacche an 8.5/10!

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