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Balcon Gelede

[Core] 1866, [Arm] 1024, [Gun Battery] 576


After taking out dozens of Zuuf Geleidos and Draches, the Bonnes unveil their newest creation, the Balcon Gelede, Built for combat on water, this vessel outclasses the little boat you happen to be using, and packs multiple weapons ready to annihilate any would-be attacker. Luckily for you, the game gives you the option to retreat before the actual boss fight, giving you time to save and whatnot (as well as recharging the boat) so that you don’t have to redo the entire mission if you die.

This fight differs from the other boss fights in the series in that Megaman can’t take any actual damage from this thing, as the boat is of importance here and you must protect it from outside damage. At the very least you don’t have to worry about movement and such, but the Balcon has multiple ways of taking out your boat. The threats are easily dealt with, however, and to be perfectly honest, the Balcon itself it a lot easier to get rid of then the enemy assault you had to go through previously.


Missile Launch

Throughout the fight, the Balcon will fire missiles from it’s eyes (or somewhere in that general direction). These will damage the ship, and can be shot down, but more often than not these things will just miss outright altogether. Still, it’s good to keep an eye on these just in case.

Splash Strike

When your boat is in front of the Balcon, the robot’s will raise it’s arm at you, causing an undodgeable strike against your boat. The only thing you can do here is eliminate the boss’ arms, as the attack is unavoidable.

Bomb Shooter

The two cannons on the back of the boat will launch bombs at you when you get in range. You can simply destroy the cannons to stop this attack altogether. You can also shoot down the bombs in flight, although this isn’t really necessary.

Plasma Shot

Once you’ve stripped the Bonnes of their weaponry, the core will become visible on the back of the Balcon. This will charge green energy shots (a la Marlwolf) and fire them at you, doing heavy damage if they connect with the ship. Rapid fire interrupts the charge, so they should never get a single shot in. Keep firing at it and the win is yours!

Good Weapons to Use

Machine Buster

This thing is all-around good, and certainly helps out a lot here. The high rate of fire as well as the spreading ability it has really helps when dealing with this boss. You should have it down in seconds.


I quite enjoyed the Balcon Gelede battle myself. It’s a rather unique battle, and there’s quite a lot of interesting and funny dialogue being thrown around during the fight (“You didn’t fall off, did you?”). I also liked the whole deal with Roll strategizing and leading the Balcon into that open area, as it really seemed to make your life easier. While it’s not my favorite fight in the game, it’s quite an enjoyable one, and deserves a 6.5/10!

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