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(Artwork courtesy of B-R-E-T of MMLS forums)


Birdbots are pretty much Glyde’s versions of the Servbots. Like the Servbots, they’re quite numerous, and often pilot many of Glyde’s other machines. However, while Servbots are less combat-oriented on their own and only attack under special circumstances (like the bomb-tossing ones in Kimotoma), Birdbots are far more hostile and will shoot at you with the rather large cannons that are strapped to their backs, and they can also hit you with them at close range. In addition, they are also capable of tossing bombs if need be (such as before the fight with Glyde Drache Ace). While they can and will fire in your direction, more often than not they’ll be targeting something much more important, such as the doors to Nino Island. They have also been known to gang up on the turrets that help protect the docking areas of the island, much to the dismay of Johnny.

The only time they are seen in-game is during the Nino Island/Calbania Island segment of the game, and more often than not they come in a limitless quantity. They are usually seen pouring out of a much larger craft (Mutti) or being flown in through other means (Zimmerman), but in some cases there may actually be a set number of them in the area, usually when inside of their own base.

Dealing With It

Birdbots can be quite a pain to take down, especially when you find yourself faced with taking down a heavy number of them at once. Thankfully, Birdbots can be disposed of in a variety of ways; the Buster Cannon and Ground Crawler do an especially good job at knocking them out in one shot (the former can knock them out without upgrades should you have an A License or lower), and you always have the option of throwing them off of the island entirely (or at each other). In addition, there are barrels that can be called in the mission with Mutti should you pull the lever that’s facing the opposite side of the door; these are quite capable of knocking the Birdbots out as well.

Coming In For A Landing

I rather liked the Birdbots, as they provided an interesting comparison to the more comic-relief oriented Servbots. The Birdbots were far more ruthless, but retained a sense of humor, which was nice. They could also prove quite difficult in the higher difficulty settings as well. Overall, I’d have to give these guys an 8.5/10!

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