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768 (blue), 896 (red), 1856 (yellow)


The Blumebears are pretty distinct in their appearance; they are three cylindrical tanks that each have a different color. In addition, they are a bit different in abilities; the red one can fire 7 rounds at a time as opposed to the standard 3, the blue one is faster, and the yellow one can take hits better than its counterparts. They each attack with machine guns and bombs (a staple of the Bonnes weaponry), and are playing a rather interesting game of keep-away with the key to City Hall. While Megaman only needs to defeat the Blumebear with the key to proceed, defeating the other two (as well as the two Draches in the area) is a nice way to gather a little zenny. It’s risk-free as well, as the soda machines in the area keep your health up should you find yourself in a bind.

This is a rather easy boss fight, as you can net a quick victory using the Splash Mines. If you want to get the fight over with quickly, you can watch which Blumebear has the key and simply chase him down. Should two Blumebears run into each other, they’ll swap keys and keep moving, so staying vigilant really helps here. The aforementioned soda machines are pretty nice for when you need a little boost of energy.


Machine Buster

(Hey, that’s what Roll makes out of the Blumebear parts, right?) The Blumebears fire their machine guns whenever you are within sight. Note that they can do this while moving (just like you can!), so they really don’t have any blind spots while using this. Staying in motion really helps here, as you can often outrun the fire if you’re careful enough. Note that the fire from the Red Blumebear is particularly more dangerous than the others’, so use extra caution.

Bomb Drop

Should you get close enough, the Blumebear will drop a few bombs that land at your feet. These are fairly easy enough to dodge, and you can actually kick them back if you’re quick enough. This is also a prime opportunity to Splash Mine and net an easy KO.

Good Weapons to Use

Splash Mine

Wait until the bombs start flying out, press and hold , rinse and repeat for the other two.


This fight is pretty iconic as it’s the first encounter Megaman has with the Bonnes. While it’s not too challenging, it oozes charm and humor. The whole gimmick with the Blumebears playing Hot Potato with the key is pretty funny, and this fight also provides an excellent lead-in for the Feldynaught. The Blumebears earn a solid 8/10!

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