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Not long after Megaman enters Manda Ruins, he’s introduced to Bola, a pirate who’s also after the key. Bola’s pretty laid back in comparison to his counterpart Klaymoor, and tends to favor a more ninja-like battle style, complete with frogs! His weapon of choice are the blades he tosses at various intervals, but he also favors his sword, as well as the ability to control other objects. He can also teleport.

You fight Bola twice in Manda Ruins, the second time being a more difficult fight than the former. His attacks cover a wide area, but he’s pretty open to circling. However, in his second bout, he’s placed 5 spinning blades in the room, so this strategy isn’t as feasible here.


Frongel Summon/Hyper Frongel

Bola summons 4 Frongel and disappears. You have to defeat them before Bola returns, or he’ll possess them, causing them to tirelessly chase after you. Should this happen, just use the Lifter to toss it at Bola for some damage.

Blade Toss

This is Bola’s main form of attack, and he uses it often. Bola stands still for a few seconds (guarding), and then tosses 3 blades (5 in the second fight) at you in volleys. You can honestly just circle to avoid this in the first fight, provided you are careful not to hit the walls. In the second fight, this is harder to do as there are spinning blades on the outer corners of the room, effectively disabling circling. It should also be noted that the blades in the second fight are aligned in such a way that it’s harder to jump over them. You can simply sidestep, though, so it’s still not too much of a major threat.

Ground Slash

Bola stands still (unguarded), and after a few seconds he makes a mighty leap, crashing down on your current location with his blade. This isn’t too hard to avoid, as you can simply run around to throw off his aim. The attack does leave a small shock-wave, though, so be sure not to stray too close!

Blade Manipulation

Bola hovers in the center of the room, raising a green barrier in front of him that shield him from all attacks. He then moves the 4 spinning blades in the room; they hit the center blade and slide into a new position. This happens 3 times, and the blades return to their original position the 3rd time. The evasion method is simple; move to the original position of the blades for the first two cycles, and then move again for the last one. Piece of cake!

Good Weapons to Use

Drill Arm

You can easily net a quick KO by standing right in front of him and letting loose with this weapon. Maxing your attack stat helps a ton, too.

Homing Missile

Pretty solid weapon; it does more damage than your buster and is easier to land hits with. Just be sure to keep the recharge gauge in mind and you should be fine here.


Bola’s a pretty fun boss! I liked the music and his fighting style quite a bit, as he can be quite challenging the first time you run into him. I liked his personality as well, and he and Klaymoor complimented each other quite nicely. Bola was a pretty memorable character, and his boss battle rates a 9/10!

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