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HP: 5128


Bruno represents the Bonnes’ last front on Kattelox. With their home and finances gone, they scrapped together what was left to make this monstrosity. It’s pretty huge, one of the largest bosses in the game actually, dwarfing Final Juno even. The Balcon Gelede is most likely larger from what I can tell, though.

Size aside, Bruno is pretty well armed. Theo’s equipped from head to toe in weapons, none which are new; everything he has you’ve seen before in one form or another. All of his weapons barring his plasma cannons can be disabled however, so you can ease the pressure. He’s also quite easily distracted, as he cares more about wrecking old building than he does about hurting you, although he does fire a couple of plasma shots occasionally to keep you alert.


Machine Gun

Bruno fires machine gun shots from the turrets on his shoulders. They’re fairly weak, but they can be annoying. Can be destroyed.

Shoulder Sentinel

This is actually pretty dangerous if you’re not careful. Bruno fires missiles from the top of his shoulders. They can be destroyed with buster fire, but they explode as well. They also have homing properties, so watch out! These can be destroyed.

Plasma Shot

(Note: Bruno will only use the Plasma Shot if you are not in front of him.)

The bane of many MML players; the green plasma shot. These Life Shield breaking demons are extremely annoying, and they home in on you as well. Hiding behind sub-cities is useful, as they cannot be destroyed. Rolling is risky, but it is useful. Always keep an eye open for this move!

Sneaker Striker

Bruno fires bombs from his feet. These are pretty dangerous as well, so I would recommend not walking too close to Bruno, as these tend to come out pretty quickly. Destroying them gives you a little more breathing room, and helps if you want to attack from the front.

Good Weapons to Use

Shield Arm

This fight is perfect for using the Shield Arm. Nothing Bruno does can penetrate the shield, which makes the ideal for a more aggressive approach to fighting him. You don’t have to worry about ducking behind a building to avoid the plasma shots; just put the shield up. Heck, you even have a degree of safety while standing in front of him, if you so desire. The short burst of speed gained while dropping the shield is a nice bonus, as you can always use the extra maneuverability. Coupled with a strong buster, you have a very nice and easy way of taking him out.

Machine Buster

Maneuverability is a nice trait to have in a weapon, particularly when taking it to a boss. The Machine Buster is all that and more. It’s probably the most flexible weapon in the game, and this boss is no exception. While it’s power is not as boisterous as some weapons, the speed, spread, energy, and range of this weapon cannot be ignored. This is great for taking out the weapons on Bruno, as the spread fire means that you can probably hit Bruno for some extra damage as you are doing so. 400 shots (800 w/ Hyper Cartridge) is an extremely generous amount, and considering that this can be one of the more drawn-out battles, it’s very nice to have. Once you consider the fact that you can also fire this while moving, you could pretty much use this in place of your buster here.

Shining Laser

Get behind him and fire. He’ll be down in seconds.


Bruno really isn’t too bad if you know how to deal with him. His Achilles´┐Ż heel lies in the fact that he will only do one attack if you are out of his range of sight. He’s honestly more concerned with destroying buildings than hitting you, so attacking from a distance is a good strategy. The main challenge in this fight is embodied in the oh-so-familiar-yet-irrirtaing green plasma shots. Once you get around those, it becomes much less of a chore to get Bruno peaced out.

Bruno does a good job as the Bonnes’ final product. He is certainly a fearsome creation, and Capcom did a great job at capturing that ‘feel’. His varied arsenal is rather nice, and it makes it rather challenging to deal with him. The ability to destroy his weapons is nice; I’ve always enjoyed bosses in other games that had this feature. Theodore Bruno rates a perfect 10 from me!

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