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Cannam is a fairly large-sized, spider-like reaverbot that appears in the starting ruin of the game, and again in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate (in a set of 3). These creatures are capable of walking on ceilings, and will try to land on you if you are positioned under them. They will also drop bombs (that can be kicked) in an attempt to harass you as well. They can actually leap from floor-to-celing rather quickly (and vice versa), and needless to say, are a rather startling sight on your first playthrough. They drop a moderately decent sum of zenny when defeated.

Dealing With It

Once you get over the initial shock factor, you’ll realize that these guys aren’t too hard to take down. They do have a rather large amount of HP, but their attacks are pretty easy to avoid, and they can’t try to stomp on you unless you’re directly under them (which is a no-no). The Grand Grenade and Powered Buster, both of which are needed to clear the dirt wall in Clozer Woods, are equally effective in taking these guys out. They’re a little tougher in groups, as your attention can be diverted, but you should be able to stomp these spiders out with little trouble.

Coming In For A Landing

While Cannam wasn’t used too often in the game, it certainly did it’s job in terms of bringing that “creepy” feel to the ruins. I’m not too fond of spiders myself, and I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw this reaverbot. On one hand I wish it had been given a larger (or more effective) movepool like it’s cousin, because IMO it’s not all too noteworthy in it’s own right, but on the other hand it still was a rather interesting design. Cannam gets a 7/10 from me!

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