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Overview The Fokkerwolf is pretty much the Bonnes’ last stand as you’ve just destroyed their main craft (and their home), the Gesellschaft, and their not very happy about that. It pretty much functions as an escape pod, but is not without a few weapons of it’s own. It’s not too powerful on it’s own, and […]

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Yakuto Krabbe

Overview Once Megaman arrives on Manda Island, he finds a familiar face waiting for him in Pokte Village, Tron Bonne! Determined to crush Megaman once and for all, she decides to try to attack him physically as well as mentally during the fight, as she’s nixed your communications with Roll and is using a voice-synthesizer […]

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Maiberu Haagen

Overview Maiberu Haagen (MH for short) is found during the mission where you have to save city hall from the Bonnes forces. They are pretty-narrow minded and focus their attacks on important buildings, houses, and other parts of the landscape. Appearance-wise, the MH are built like small bulldozers, with claws made to strike out at […]

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Overview Horunisse is a machine that can really be a pain to take down. This mech is seen during the Bonne’s raid on City Hall, as they are responsible for carrying in the multiple Maiberu Haagen that have the duty of wrecking the buildings in the area. Appearance-wise, these things pretty much look like a […]

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Overview Kalmare is a rather interesting bot at first glance. As Megaman treks through the desert in search of Saul Kada, these little guys are the last thing one would expect to see. Of course, the name Kalmare is a pun on the word Calamari, which refers to squid. Attack-wise, the best way to describe […]

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Overview Looking for all the world like something from Dr. Robotnik’s workshop, the Marlwolf sits in Clozer Woods digging away at the entrance of the ruins, making no actual progress. Once Megaman shows up, his focus is shifted towards you and he proceeds to attack with very powerful weaponry. Teisel is not necessarily alone in […]

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Overview After Tron’s precious Blumebears have been defeated, she comes in to take of the threat (you) herself. The Feldynaught is a rather interestingly designed machine; it looks sort of squid-like, as it sports a large head and very thin legs. This machine can move rather quickly, as well as jump large distances. It also […]

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Overview Bruno represents the Bonnes’ last front on Kattelox. With their home and finances gone, they scrapped together what was left to make this monstrosity. It’s pretty huge, one of the largest bosses in the game actually, dwarfing Final Juno even. The Balcon Gelede is most likely larger from what I can tell, though. Size […]

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Overview If there’s one machine that defines the Bonnes, it’s the Drache. These little Servbot-piloted ships play different roles for the Bonne family, be it transportation or combat. Despite its small size, it’s capable of carrying various sizes of objects through various means; Tron and Teisel ride inside of the ship itself, Bon’s head is […]

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