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Otomarn & Balfura

Overview These little pests wander around during the fight with the much larger Galgalfummi, and serve to annoy you while you’re trying to take care of a much bigger threat. Otomarn roams around on the lower levels, ramming into you should you stray onto their turf. They’re quite persistent to the point where there’s no […]

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Overview The Blumebears are pretty distinct in their appearance; they are three cylindrical tanks that each have a different color. In addition, they are a bit different in abilities; the red one can fire 7 rounds at a time as opposed to the standard 3, the blue one is faster, and the yellow one can […]

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Drill Bon

Overview After taking care of Tron, you have to hurry up and find Bon, who’s currently on his way to the surface with the key! He’s moving rather slowly, though, and you actually catch up with him in the rather large room that was previously inhabited by reaverbots. His current body configuration is built for […]

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Hover Gustaff

Overview After Megaman’s done working with the Bonnes, their temporary truce is over, and the Bonnes are ready to fight for the key to the Mother Lode. Tron sports a revamped version of her Gustaff from MoTB which hovers instead of walks, and also sports a new flamethrower as well as a large shield. She […]

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Overview Geetz comes as a surprise to gamers first playing through the game, as Capcom decided to stuff a rather large chunk of plot in your face at this point in the game. If you skipped the cutscenes, you’d probably be wondering what the heck is going on at that moment. (Heck, it’s hard to […]

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Yakuto Krabbe

Overview Once Megaman arrives on Manda Island, he finds a familiar face waiting for him in Pokte Village, Tron Bonne! Determined to crush Megaman once and for all, she decides to try to attack him physically as well as mentally during the fight, as she’s nixed your communications with Roll and is using a voice-synthesizer […]

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Overview Megaman’s just gotten hold of the key that lies in Nino Ruins, and is ready to make his way back to the surface. However, Bola’s partner, Klaymoor, isn’t too happy about this, and is ready to fight you over it. Klaymoor’s a lot more serious than his laid-back counterpart, and his fighting style reflects […]

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Overview Looking for all the world like something from Dr. Robotnik’s workshop, the Marlwolf sits in Clozer Woods digging away at the entrance of the ruins, making no actual progress. Once Megaman shows up, his focus is shifted towards you and he proceeds to attack with very powerful weaponry. Teisel is not necessarily alone in […]

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Overview Wojigairon is easily the largest reaver of all time. He makes his appearance as the guardian of Saul Kada’s Ruins, and he certainly makes his presence known. He appears early in the ruin through the windows in the hallway, smashing through them if he sees you. This honestly scared the you-know-what out of me […]

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Overview Garuditoren first appears as a cylindrical object found right before you grab the refractor in Lake Jyun’s ruins. It’s funny how painfully obvious it is that it’s a reaverbot, and even funnier that they pulled the exact same trick with Rimblemenji in Legends 2 (although it was better executed). The only spot you can […]

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