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Overview After Tron’s precious Blumebears have been defeated, she comes in to take of the threat (you) herself. The Feldynaught is a rather interestingly designed machine; it looks sort of squid-like, as it sports a large head and very thin legs. This machine can move rather quickly, as well as jump large distances. It also […]

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Overview Bruno represents the Bonnes’ last front on Kattelox. With their home and finances gone, they scrapped together what was left to make this monstrosity. It’s pretty huge, one of the largest bosses in the game actually, dwarfing Final Juno even. The Balcon Gelede is most likely larger from what I can tell, though. Size […]

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Overview The guardian (or should I say guardians) of the watery Nino Island ruins are none other than Midosu. This calm reaverbot is designed after a jellyfish, and they come in threes. One of them holds a Water Key, which is rather valuable given the fact that they open the door to one of the […]

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Rush Mammoo

Overview Rush Mammoo is one of the hardest bosses in the game, and rightly so, he’s the last stand between you and Sera’s containment. His immense size is pretty intimidating, and you have the disadvantage of having no offensive weapons at the time, as well as having somewhat lousy buster parts. The fight is mostly […]

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Overview Not long after Megaman enters Manda Ruins, he’s introduced to Bola, a pirate who’s also after the key. Bola’s pretty laid back in comparison to his counterpart Klaymoor, and tends to favor a more ninja-like battle style, complete with frogs! His weapon of choice are the blades he tosses at various intervals, but he […]

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Overview Rimblemenji is the gelatinous guardian of Calinca’s ice-themed ruins. He is first seen in the room before you reach the key, although he is practically harmless at this point. You can actually knock him out here, although it doesn’t help you in the ensuing fight. Once you grab the key, however, he reacts, and […]

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