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Rush Search

Rush Search first made its debut in Megaman 7. It could be found pretty early in the game, as all you need to do was make some really tricky jumps in Freeze Man’s stage to get it, although said jumps were pretty difficult and it could be tempting to just wait until you’ve got Rush […]

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Treble Boost

The Treble Boost was first introduced in Megaman & Bass and later made its re-appearance in Megaman 10. Of course, it was toned down signifigantly from Bass’ appearances as a boss in MM7 and MM8, the latter of which was fueled by the Evil Energy. This ability allows Bass’ robo-hound Treble to fuse with his […]

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Eagle Ride Armor

Overview The Eagle Ride Armor made its first (and only) appearance in Megaman X4. It was available in 2 stages; Storm Owl’s (Part 1) and the Final Weapon (after defeating Double/Iris). It pretty much had the same basic appearance as Raiden did, with a few differences here and there; it was blue in color (instead […]

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Shadow Armor

Overview The Shadow Armor was one of the 2 new armors that debuted in Megaman X6. The Armor is seen as the spiritual successor to the Gaea Armor. The difference is that instead of focusing on pure power, the Shadow Armor is given an array of mobility options as well. The trend of using a […]

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Falcon Armor

Overview The Falcon Armor debuted in Megaman X5, where the new capsule system was introduced. X (or Zero) now had to find all of the armor parts before he could use them, and there were now 2 armors instead of the usual one. The Falcon Armor was the first one X could find (outside of […]

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Power Adapter

Power Adapter

The Power Adapter makes its first appearance in Megaman 6, after you’ve beaten Flame Man. The Rush Adapters had replace the usual Coil/Jet deal that was commonplace in every MM game past 3. Instead of riding on top of (or in) Rush, instead Megaman’s loyal pet would merge with him, giving him an added boost […]

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Team Style

The Team Style (known as Brother Style in Japan) was among the original arsenal of Style Changes introduced in MMBN2, the other being Guts, Custom, Shield, and Hub. Team Style had a distinct appearance, changing the design of Megaman’s helmet a bit, as well as redesigning the lines on his chest a bit. True to […]

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