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Overview Mimic looks like a treasure chest until opened, in which case diggers are in for quite a shock. The first variations encountered were littered in the sub-ruins of Kattelox. When opened, they would fire multiple bombs at a rather high rate of fire. If you didn’t (or wouldn’t) move out of the way quickly […]

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Aqua Blaster

Aqua Blaster

The Aqua Blaster is available from the start of the game, used to put out the fire in the Flutter. It has a rather interesting design to say the least, probably meant to resemble a futuristic fire extinguisher. It has a couple of uses that are well-known, such as putting the fire out in the […]

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Team Style

The Team Style (known as Brother Style in Japan) was among the original arsenal of Style Changes introduced in MMBN2, the other being Guts, Custom, Shield, and Hub. Team Style had a distinct appearance, changing the design of Megaman’s helmet a bit, as well as redesigning the lines on his chest a bit. True to […]

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Buster Cannon

Crafted from a Thick Pipe and Artillery Notes, the Buster Cannon is quite a weapon. Its total upgrade costs cap out at a rather large sum of 930,000z. It’s pretty easy to upgrade at first, but as you begin to level it up, the price really goes up! It’s worth it, however, and there are […]

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Overview Hangekal’s definitely a reaverbot that you encounter at one point during the game and completely forget about afterward. Deep beneath Calinca Ruins lie the keys to get into Elysium’s library, and these little guys fill that hole…erm, role. What makes these keys different from other standard keys in the game is that they’re actually […]

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