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Overview Garuditoren first appears as a cylindrical object found right before you grab the refractor in Lake Jyun’s ruins. It’s funny how painfully obvious it is that it’s a reaverbot, and even funnier that they pulled the exact same trick with Rimblemenji in Legends 2 (although it was better executed). The only spot you can […]

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Overview The guardian (or should I say guardians) of the watery Nino Island ruins are none other than Midosu. This calm reaverbot is designed after a jellyfish, and they come in threes. One of them holds a Water Key, which is rather valuable given the fact that they open the door to one of the […]

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Rush Mammoo

Overview Rush Mammoo is one of the hardest bosses in the game, and rightly so, he’s the last stand between you and Sera’s containment. His immense size is pretty intimidating, and you have the disadvantage of having no offensive weapons at the time, as well as having somewhat lousy buster parts. The fight is mostly […]

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Overview Rimblemenji is the gelatinous guardian of Calinca’s ice-themed ruins. He is first seen in the room before you reach the key, although he is practically harmless at this point. You can actually knock him out here, although it doesn’t help you in the ensuing fight. Once you grab the key, however, he reacts, and […]

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Overview Originally appearing in the Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Nakel now makes its home in the fiery Saul Kada Ruins. These snake-like reaverbots only appear in lava-filled rooms, attacking diggers who enter its domain. Unlike most reavers, Nakel requires no provocation before it attacks; simply being in the room is enough to set it off. […]

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Overview Mimic looks like a treasure chest until opened, in which case diggers are in for quite a shock. The first variations encountered were littered in the sub-ruins of Kattelox. When opened, they would fire multiple bombs at a rather high rate of fire. If you didn’t (or wouldn’t) move out of the way quickly […]

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Overview Hangekal’s definitely a reaverbot that you encounter at one point during the game and completely forget about afterward. Deep beneath Calinca Ruins lie the keys to get into Elysium’s library, and these little guys fill that hole…erm, role. What makes these keys different from other standard keys in the game is that they’re actually […]

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