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The Crusher is made from two parts: the Taser and the Soft Ball. The soft ball is round in the Saul Kada Ruins in the room where you fight Bon, and it’s relatively easy to reach. The Taser on the other hand, requires you to be dark, which can be costly and rewarding at the same time.

Speaking of costly, the Crusher is the second most expensive weapon in the game. Total cost of upgrades amounts to a whopping 8,285,000z, of course the price varies depending on the status of Roll’s tool kit as well. If you’re playing the PSP version which cut the costs of weapons dramatically, you’re only talking a merciful 2,385,000z, which isn’t too bad. The weapon however, is worth it, as it can do just as much damage as the Shining Laser (and then some) when fully upgraded. Once you fully upgrade the energy, you get a good amount of these, which helps. The special status of the weapon makes the energy sphere last longer, effectively increasing the damage.

The way the weapon is used, you throw it at an enemy, and when it makes contact with something, be it a wall or an enemy, it makes a sphere of electricity that continually damages whatever is inside of it. Even when not fully upgraded, most enemies will not stand a chance against it. This puts a dent in most bosses, including Sera herself. I wouldn’t try it on Geetz though, at least not until you’ve grounded him, then you can finish him off.

The Crusher does have a few weaknesses though. One main weakness of this weapon is the painfully long recharge time, it takes about 20 seconds until you can fire another one. Granted, you can fire your buster or do something else while you’re waiting, but it gets annoying if you miss with this. Also, in general, the range could be better when locking on. Often times it’s better to manually aim (use the right analog or L2) and get more distance that way. Also, with the special fully upgraded, the electric sphere lasts long enough for the next one to come. Just remember to make use of your buster and dodging skills as well. Using only the Crusher would be pretty tough.

In conclusion, the Crusher is a pretty awesome weapon. Despite its few shortcomings, it can deal with the toughest of foes. As long as you can shell out the cash, you’re pretty much fine. I rate this one a 9/10. Crush the competition!

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