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MML1: 512
MML2: 42 (B), 54 (A), 96 (S)


If there’s one machine that defines the Bonnes, it’s the Drache. These little Servbot-piloted ships play different roles for the Bonne family, be it transportation or combat. Despite its small size, it’s capable of carrying various sizes of objects through various means; Tron and Teisel ride inside of the ship itself, Bon’s head is carried by magnet, and the Gustaff grabs onto 2 handles located on the bottom of the ship (seen in MoTB). The Draches also recieved a makeover in MML2, looking a lot more streamlined than before.

Combat-wise, these things aren’t very tough. Their sole attack is to fire machine-gun blasts, which don’t do a lot on their own but can add up over time if you let it. They rarely attack head-on, as they work better in tandem with other machines. Draches are quite frail (even moreso in MML2), so they generally try to make up for this in numbers.

Dealing With It

Draches can’t take a hit to save their life, so a few well-aimed buster shots can take them down easily. In cases where they pair up with different enemies, you may just want to ignore the Draches and go for the main target. This holds true for the random ones in Saul Kada; just ignore them and move on.

Coming In for a Landing

Draches have always been a cornerstone of the Bonnes’ armory. They play many a role throughout the series, and it wouldn’t be the same without them. The extra polish of the Draches’ being weaker in MML2 was pretty neat; it showed just how broke the Bonnes’ really were at that point. The Draches get a 9/10 from me! It’s pretty safe to say that these things will appear in MML3, perhaps with a design change, even!

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