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The original Drill Arm in the first Legends game is fairly cheap to upgrade. With a rather tame upgrade cost of 28,000z, it certainly won’t break the bank. You actually get this very late in the game, so paying for it should be a snap.

Megaman uses the rather large drill on his arm to tear down any wall that may be in front of him. This is necessary for getting into certain places, as there is no other way to break down those walls. The range on this is quite terrible, as you have to be right next to the wall to get an effect.

You can also use the Drill Arm offensively, although I strongly recommend you don’t. You have to be within kissing distance of your opponent (literally), and by the time you get there, any smart reaver will slap you silly. Even if you do manage to hit someone with this, the damage isn’t remarkable enough to warrant the risk, so you’re better off sticking to less offensive tasks. It’s energy can be upgraded to infinite, but I sure hope you aren’t burning weapon energy on wall-drilling in the first place.

Come Legends 2, the Drill Arm got a nice upgrade. It’s actually cheaper, running you a rather skimpy price of 10,500z. You get this pretty early in the game, and it will serve you well for a nice portion of the game, particularly Nino Ruins. It’s ironic that the price dropped, because the weapon got so much better.

The weapon drills walls in the same way it did last time, and it’s recommended that you carry this on your trip to Nino Ruins, as you do not want to backtrack that place. There a quite a few walls this time around, so it’s pretty nifty. This also takes care of Gorubeshu’s shield, as well as hitting any other defensive enemies.

The real treat is the offensive boost that it got between games. It’s range (if you want to call it that) was increased slightly, so it can be used on certain enemies. It’s actually a nice weapon for taking out certain bosses as well. This is actually one of the most powerful weapons in the game when you can get in close. Galgalfummi leaves himself wide open for this after he messes up his jump, Bola and Klaymoor are both quickly dispatched with it, Midosu goes down pretty quickly, and you can even use it to finish Rimblemenji off after his barrier falls.

In the end, the Drill Arm is a weapon that is very situational, but useful when it is needed. While the variation in the first game was only used as a tool, the second game improved it so that it could be used offensively as well. The Drill Arm gets a 5/10 in MML1, and a 8.5/10 in MML2. Talk about a breakthrough!

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