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Drill Bon

1120 (B), 1280 (A), 1440 (S)


After taking care of Tron, you have to hurry up and find Bon, who’s currently on his way to the surface with the key! He’s moving rather slowly, though, and you actually catch up with him in the rather large room that was previously inhabited by reaverbots. His current body configuration is built for boring, given the huge drill on his head. He’s got a few combat options, but he seems rather implicated towards mobility than actual fighting.

Bon uses his weapons as well as his drill in combat. These include his two detachable arms, which can fly out individually or in tandem to attack you, as well as pink bombs that leave a small explosion when they touch anything. He can also hide his face while moving, giving him better protection. His armor isn’t lava-proof, as he’ll take some damage if you up and toss him into it. He actually takes as much damage as Tron did, as a few good shots can take him out easily.


Arm Launcher

Bon will do one of two things; he’ll fire both arms together (linked by electricity) at you, or he’ll fire them separately. In the case of the latter, the hands act as homing missiles and fly independently of the user, and you can even lock-on to them and throw them! These can be a little frustrating to deal with given the way the lock-on acts, but it’s not too hard to dodge.

Bomb Toss

Bon tosses a few pink bombs at you. These explode on impact, but are rather easy to dodge on their own. The main thing to avoid here is the lava, as it’s oh-so-easy to cartwheel yourself into it, and this can easily break you if you’re running around sans-Flame Barrier.

Drill Rush

Bon compacts himself into the drill, and proceeds to rush at you head-on! This attack can do some major damage if it hits, and he often tries to strike multiple times. Lucky for you, Bon is grabbable during the move, so you can really just press Triangle and proceed to toss Bon into the lava.

Good Weapons to Use

Ground Crawler/Homing Missile/Hyper Shell/etc.

Any weapon with a decent power rating will tear holes in Bon’s armor. He’s defensively frail, so a flurry of attacks when the fight starts can kill him outright.


This fight is honestly one of the (if not THE) least memorable fights in the series. Bon was a pretty fun boss in the first game, but it seems Capcom failed to do him justice here. Being an incredibly easy boss (he’s grabbable for crying out loud!) doesn’t help him too much either. This fight lacks a lot of the charm the the original had, and generally just gives this “rushed” feel. Drill Bon rates a 3/10.

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