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HP: 4096


After Tron’s precious Blumebears have been defeated, she comes in to take of the threat (you) herself. The Feldynaught is a rather interestingly designed machine; it looks sort of squid-like, as it sports a large head and very thin legs. This machine can move rather quickly, as well as jump large distances. It also sports some offensive weaponry meant for long-range combat.

Upon first glance, you’d think that this machine is rather frail given it’s appearance, and that’s a mistake that could be fatal. This thing has plenty of HP to spare, and won’t hesitate in whittling yours down. Luckily, there are some soda machines spread throughout the area should you need a recharge, but grabbing a drink with an octopus-like mech on your tail can prove tricky….


Machine Gun Barrage

Tron uses two different variants of this move, the first being a variant that is directly aimed at you. This version can be sidestepped, but you have to be careful as she’s quite persistent about hitting you with it. The second variation involves her spinning around while firing the shots. This version isn’t as much of a danger to Megaman as the former, but it should be noted that this can do quite a bit of damage to the Downtown area in general, so you want to take her out before she gets too many of these off.

Bomb Rush

Like the previous attack, this one has two variations as well. The first involves the lid opening, firing bombs upward that are aimed at your current position. All you need to do here is keep moving, and the bombs will miss you, though the building may not like it too much. The other variation is similar to the spinning shots, albeit a bit more deadly (for you and the city) since the bombs pack a little more “oomph” than the shots do.

Ground Wave

Tron puts the Feldynaught’s erm… hands together, and fires a semi-homing shockwave towards you. It turns slightly depending on your positioning, but otherwise moves straight. This one isn’t too hard to dodge, just sidestep or roll and you’re out of harm’s way.

Wheel Dash

The Feldynaught rushes towards you in a straight line, doing collision damage if she connects. You can sidestep the entire mech, but there’s also a safe spot between the legs and the turret that you can safely stand while she harmlessly passes over you.

Good Weapons to Use


Unlike the Blumebear fight, the Splash Mines don’t really come in handy here, as your buster does more consistent damage. Simply firing whenever you have a good opening works pretty well, and you’ll have her down before you know it!


The Feldynaught is certainly one of the most memorable bosses in the game. It’s certainly got an interesting fighting style, and one of the more distinct appearances in the series. One of my┬ápersonal favorite things about this fight is the fact that you can actually grab a soda during the fight (provided she doesn’t actually hit you.

It should also be noted that in the Rockman DASH artbook, one of the Servbots mentions that the Feldynaught’s right leg is its weak point (your left when facing it). This is actually true, as aiming at this spot causes it to stumble a bit. Regardless, the Feldynaught earns an 8.5/10!

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