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60(B) 160(A) 280(S) [V1]
120(B) 160(A) 400(S) [V2/V3]
320(B) 720(A) 800(S) [V4]
320(B) 744(A) 800(S) [V5]
280(B) 780(A) 920(S) [V6]


Tall and rather strange-looking, Fingerii appears many times throughout the course of Megaman Legends 2. While in most cases they are clearly visible in a room, the ones in Calbania Plains pop right out of the ground, which is a startling sight the first time you see it.

Fingerii, like many reaverbots, is very defensive in nature. Its only direct method of attack is to fire a slow yet powerful energy ball that tracks your current position. It stays active for a while (even after Fingerii is destroyed), but will dissipate over time. Fingerii will also project an energy barrier when Megaman strays too close for comfort. Seeing as Fingerii is often seen in hallways, Megaman must destroy this reaverbot if he wants to progress safely, as the barrier cuts off his path entirely. Outside of hallways, Fingerii can also be seen in groups placed in large rooms. While not as effective as the ones placed in hallways, they can still be a threat. The ones in large rooms will also walk towards Megaman in an effort to cut off his movement space.

It is also worth noting that the last variation of Fingerii (encountered on floor B1 of the Elysium Defense Area before the elevator) has a unique animation on its energy ball attack. While the attack functions the same, it does sport a distinct cosmetic change.

Dealing With It

In a situation where you are facing one in a hallway, you must deal with Fingerii in order to progress safely. The best way to deal with this reaverbot is from a distance, out of the range of its barrier. The tracking energy ball is a problem, but if you keep moving you shouldn’t have any problems. As noted above, the energy ball does not necessarily dissapear right after Fingerii is destroyed, so keep note of that.

In a larger room, the same strategy of staying at a distance applies, but just keep the other reaverbots in mind as well. Weapons like the Ground Crawler will make short work of Fingerii as well as causing collateral damage to other reaverbots nearby.

Coming In for a Landing

Fingerii is effective at blocking hallways, but otherwise it doesn’t really bring much to the table. It wasn’t a bad idea but it just got stale after seeing it so often, and in some ways seemed to break the flow of gameplay. Elysium’s Ganburi did the door-blocking manuever thing in a much more creative way as well. Our tall friend Fingerii gets a 5/10 from me.

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