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Firushudot are found in a peculiar hallway in Lake Jyun’s ruins, in which there are walls of water on each side. They simply swim around peacefully until an intruder is spotted, in which case they proceed to attack their new-found target.

Appearance wise, Firushudot looks like a medium-sized robotic alligator. They are rather aggressive, firing rather powerful sonic waves at any diggers they spot. This is a rather interesting contrast to typical reaverbots, who don’t attack unless provoked or disturbed. These reaverbots drop a rather handsome amount of zenny when killed as well, although they certainly put up a good fight!

Dealing With It

Firushudot likes to attack in numbers, firing multiple sonic waves that do heavy damage to the target. The best way to knock these guys out is to attack from from long-range. If too many of them are close to you, they can quickly overwhelm you. Taking them on one on one is your best bet.

Keep in mind that you can simply fire into the water walls and kill them, but you won’t get any zenny. This method is much safer, and could save you some trouble. Also, the sonar waves can be blocked by the Shield Arm, but they will push you backwards, leaving you at a heavy disadvantage.

Coming In For A Landing

Firushudot is a pretty nice design for a reaverbot, one of my favorites actually. The sight of the Firushudot coming out of the water walls is one of the most recognizable moments in the Legends series. The Firushudot rates a perfect 10 from me!

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