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The Fokkerwolf is pretty much the Bonnes’ last stand as you’ve just destroyed their main craft (and their home), the Gesellschaft, and their not very happy about that. It pretty much functions as an escape pod, but is not without a few weapons of it’s own. It’s not too powerful on it’s own, and it doesn’t really seem like it was built for combat. Then again, neither was Juno, but I digress.

This is often one of the more annoying parts of the game, as you’ve just gone through a rather extensive battle with the Gesellschaft (that is not a fun word to spell), and the last thing you want to see is another boss. The fact that you’ve got to protect the Flutter doesn’t make this a bit easier to swallow, either.


Bonne Missile

The mech flies around the ship, launching a few missiles in the process. This is pretty good time to get some shots in, but you can also get yourself knocked out if you’re not careful here. The missiles are in fact homing, and can do quite a bit of damage if you’re unprepared for them. It’s not a bad idea to try to shoot them down when they are launched, particularly since you need to watch the Flutter’s health as well.

Machine Rush

The mech flies at you while firing machine gun shots at you. This attack is not too dangerous overall, and you can get quite a few shots in during this attack. If you’re trying to go for the OHKO with the Grand Grenade, now is a good time to do so.

Machine Overhead

The mech flies overhead (rotate to camera upward to find it), and proceeds to rain down a stream of bullets on your head. This really isn’t too bad of a move for Megaman, but this outright devastates the Flutter. You can aim upwards and shoot at the Fokkerwolf if need be; you want to kill this thing before it kills you or the Flutter!

Good Weapons to Use

Grand Grenade

While pretty much any weapon is good against this boss (barring stuff like the Splash Mine or Blade Arm), this one stands out because it has the potential to knock the Fokkerwolf out with one hit. Aiming may be tough, but there are a few opportunites to pull this off.

Active Buster

I’m noting this one because it helps throughout the entire fight, from the Draches up to the Fokkerwolf. The Homing Capability and high damage output makes this weapon too good to ignore, especially if you’re having trouble with the fight.


The Fokkerwolf isn’t too tough on its own, but the previous fight quite often leaves you low on health, which can leave you open for the kill. The Fokkerwolf has pretty terrible armor, and takes damage horribly. It’s not too hard to take out, but managing your HP and the Flutter’s can be a hassle.

It should be noted that the Fokkerwolf’s attacks are more geared towards the Flutter than they are geared at you, so you want to finish this fight as quickly as possible. It’s also quite quick, and you’ll want to manually aim your shots instead of trying to use the (rather pointless) lock-on feature.

This was a pretty nice boss fight, particularly due to the ‘surprise’ factor of having to take this thing out after the Gesellschaft which was a surprise boss in it’s own right. Overall, the Fokkerwolf rates a 9.5/10!

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