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Foo-roo are pretty small, and have a tendency to gather in numbers. They just tend to float there, minding their own business (whatever that may be), until an intruder is spotted. Should that happen, the little guys will follow said intruder until they get close enough, in which case they will proceed to explode, causing some damage to the unwanted guest.

This all sounds pretty decent on paper, until you realize that these things are extremely frail. So frail, in fact, that they only have one hit point. These little guys pretty much define the term “glass cannon”.

Dealing With It

Seeing as they only have one hit point, there isn’t really much of a threat they can pose. They do make little explosions when destroyed, but they still shouldn’t pose much of a threat as you can take them out from long distances. The Main Gate variety are a bit more annoying; not on their own accord, but simply because of the way the level is laid out. You really don’t want to turn a corner with one of these in your face, although you can just run away as they proceed to explode anyway. Lastly, I think the Shield Arm stuffs them as well, although it’s hardly a necessity for taking these guys out.

Coming In For A Landing

Honestly, these little guys aren’t all too interesting, and the fact that rarely even drop a single zenny just makes them that much more boring. Megaman Legends 2 executed this idea so much better when they introduced Miitan, who was a far more dangerous and interesting design than these things. I rate the Foo-roo a 1/10, because there’s really nothing memorable or interesting about these guys at all.

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