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1600 (B), 1920 (A), 2880 (S)


Galgalfummi may be the first guardian of the four keys that Megaman encounters, but he’s certainly no pushover! After he’s eaten the key that you need to accomplish this mission, you find that you’re going to have to get it back the hard way.

This reaverbot’s attacks are quite varied, as there are a rather large number of hazards present in addition to the reaverbot himself. Nevermind the fact that he can heal himself…


Bubble Beam

Galgalfummi’s most common (and most annoying) technique. The massive frog opens his mouth and spits numerous bubble onto the field. These bubbles will follow you, and you have to shoot them down to get rid of them, although they do dissipate over time. They also dissipate if Galgalfummi himself lands on them.

Constant movement is key to avoiding this attack, as you’re going to find yourself leaping from platform to platform staying away from these things. Shooting them is recommended, although if you use a weapon which leaves an explosion (i.e. Homing Missile or Ground Crawler) you can damage him and eliminate the bubbles in one maneuver. Nifty!

Tongue Slap (W)

Galgalfummi has 3 variations of his tongue slapping move. This version has him slap his tongue sideways, effectively knocking you off of the platform you are on, and into something else you’d rather not be bothered with. Jumping is exactly what the doctor ordered here.

Tongue Slap (L)

This variation has him slap his tongue in an upwards motion, effectively rendering the jumping maneuver useless. A sidestep will do you good here.

Tongue Slap (Z)

*see above image*

This one’s a bit unorthodox in the way it works. His toungue zigzags, effectively hitting you multiple times. Not exactly the most pleasant move to be hit with. Platform switching is a good idea.

Spark Spray

Should you venture to the same platform that Galgalfummi is hangout out on, he’ll proceed to fire some paralyzing gas from his head. If you have the Light Barrier, you’re fine, but otherwise you’ll be inflicted with the Paralyze condition, which is the last thing you need in this fight!

Crash Landing

Normally Galgalfummi will jump from platform to platform anyway, but on some occasions he’ll try to get fancy and spin-jump, causing him to mess up his jump and land on his back, leaving him vulnerable! Provided he doesn’t land on you, this is a great opportunity to get some damage in. If you have the Drill Arm, this is your chance for an easy win!

Fly Grabber

Usually there’s a Balfura in the arena that you can shoot down for health and WE. If Galgalfummi is low on health, he’ll grab it with his tongue, healing a rather large chunk of his health! Note that he can miss, although he’ll just keep trying until he catches it (see the video below). It is a rather funny sight, however!

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