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Geetz comes as a surprise to gamers first playing through the game, as Capcom decided to stuff a rather large chunk of plot in your face at this point in the game. If you skipped the cutscenes, you’d probably be wondering what the heck is going on at that moment. (Heck, it’s hard to take in even when you do watch them.) Gattz failed to defeat Geetz in battle, so it’s up to Megaman to pick up where he left off.

This is probably one of the most noteworthy battles in the series, and the song’s quite catchy to boot. The fight takes place on the top of the Sulfur Bottom. The Bonnes cheer you on during the fight, which is nice until Geetz shoots them down when he can’t take anymore of it. When you get him down to 25% of his health, he lands, and becomes a sitting duck. The fight is pretty easy, overall.


Multi-shot attack “You miscalculated”

Geetz flies towards you and fires a barrage of purple energy shots. This is his most common move, and it’s not too hard to avoid, particularly if you roll out of the way.

Ground Sweep “Prepare yourself!” Tron:”Jump Megaman, you should be able

Sheesh, 2 voice cues, not to mention the fact that the attack has a very obvious startup. Getting hit with this must make you look 3 different kinds of ignorant! Geetz simply ascends, then performs a ground-level dash. Simply jump over it.

Air Dash

Geetz does a dash (similar to the multi-shot attack) towards you. It’s more of a feint if anything else, but it’s still a good idea to stay alert.

Explosive Dash “Take this!”

Geetz glows red, then dashes directly at you with a trail of explosive columns ahead of him. This is probably his most dangerous attack, and considering the fact that he’s quite tame, it’s not really that bad. Rolling does the trick rather nicely here. Also, to this day I can’t decipher what Teisel is saying when Geetz does this move, something about a ‘front attack’?

Good Weapons to Use

Homing Missile

A powerful, versatile, long-ranged weapon is exactly what the doctor ordered for taking down Geetz. Geetz’s defense isn’t that high, so he’ll take quite a bit of damage. Just attacking while he swoops is enough, and he’ll fall in short order.

Blade Arm

I know, you’re probably wondering why this is useful against a boss who flies, right? Well, there’s one reason; the 3rd slash. The last slash of the Blade Arm is a jumping slash that moves you forward, as well as giving you invincibility frames. This essentially allows you to attack Geetz during any of his moves without fear of being harmed. Once you ground him, you can get up close and personal to finish him off!


Geetz is a pretty cool boss, and the whole fight has a dramatic atmosphere to it. I do wish he was a bit more challenging, as I expected a lot more from a native Elysian. I guess that says a lot about Servitor units in general, though. Geetz gets a 9.5/10from me; despite the lack of difficulty, the atmosphere completely made up for it.


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