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Gemeinschaft (Bonne Car)


Glyde’s been “eliminated” after his defeat at the hands of Megaman, so now it’s time for the Bonnes to have a turn. Compared to Glyde’s car, the Bonnes’ car is far less armed, having only one real weapon. Suffice it to say, the Bonnes are having a bit of financial trouble, and thus have been scraping up parts in order to build this thing. Despite these odds, the Bonnes are as determined as ever to get rid of you and nab the Mother Lode.

The Bonnes attack from a distance initially, firing Servbot-guided missiles at your train. It is also equipped with a large cannon on top of the train, that fires damaging plasma shots. The Servbots will also toss bombs at you when they are within range. It’s also revealed that Bon is the sole source of power of the train, as the Bonnes apparently were unable to find an actual engine.


Suicide Servbot

The train will fire missiles with Servbots riding on them. These come in from a variety of angles; some are fired level with you, and others take nosedives directly into the train! The ones that are level should be picked up, as you can throw them back at the Train for some damage. The erratic ones should be shot at, as to avoid damage; you can’t really pick these up as they’ll hit you due to the weird angle. If you have the Buster Cannon/Hyper Shell you can hit the back of the train without bothering with the missiles!

Top Cannon

Once the back of the train has been damaged, the large cannon on top of the train will begin to fire charged shots at you. You can interrupt the charge by continuously firing your buster at it, but because the train is farther away when the attacks starts, you’ll pretty much be helpless against it for the first few shots. Also, you’ll have to work at hitting the cannon, the occasional Servbot, and the train at the same time. Have fun!

Servbot Bomber

Once you get close enough to the cannon, some Servbots will begin to exit the train in pairs, carrying bombs that they’ll toss at the train. You can easily shoot them off of the train, but the cannon firing charge shots at the train will be fighting for your attention as well. After the cannon’s gone, they’ll still try their best to attack you, but you’ll easily be able to handle them without the distraction of the cannon.

Good Weapons to Use

Buster Cannon

Great if you want to get a few shots in early. Make sure you upgrade the range as well!


This boss was pretty interesting, despite how easy it was. I liked how this boss illustrated the fact that the Bonnes were pretty much broke at this point, particularly when the cannon is destroyed and you see Bon driving the train by himself. This boss was fun to fight for the most part; the little touches such as the expressions on the Servbot’s faces really made this one memorable. Funny how it feels like you’re kicking the Bonnes while they’re down (I actually felt a little bad after winning this one). XD The Bonnes’ segment of the Gemeinschaft gets a 9/10!

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