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Gemeinschaft (Glyde Car)



The Bonnes and Glyde have teamed up to try and get the last key. Their newest creation, the Gemeinschaft (a.k.a. Gomoncha), is a high-speed train that has a car for both Glyde and the Bonnes. Glyde’s car is the first one Megaman faces, and it certainly packs more firepower that the Bonnes’, more than likely due to Glyde’s superior financial state.

Glyde’s segment of the Gemeinschaft has a varied arsenal, including turrets, bombs, and a laser that constantly sweeps left and right. Unlike the Bonnes, Glyde’s car seems more aimed at killing you directly than the train Roll happens to be driving. The train has a few weak spots, namely the cannons on the back and the middle section under the turrets.


Cannon Shot

When the fight first starts, Glyde will fire cannonballs from the 3 holes on the back of the train. These can be shot and destroyed before they hit you (or Roll). Destroying the barrel outright cancels out this move completely.

Turret Shot

The two turrets on top of the train fire bullets intermittently. These can be a pain to dodge, especially with the laser firing back and forth to complicate matters. Thankfully, the turrets can be destroyed, although it certainly takes quite a few shots to do so.

Laser Sweep

At some point during the fight, the little reaverbot eye-like mechanism will glow blue. It then fires a laser which sweeps to the left and to the right, and it shifts heights too! Rolling accordingly works pretty well, although sometimes it will harmlessly pass over your head. This thing is a total nuisance, as it makes it that much more harder to get shots in. Patience helps a lot here, as you’ll take less hits if you avoid getting greedy.

Good Weapons to Use

Buster Cannon

I’d recommend you use this in the very first portion of the fight when you’re unable to hit the cannons with your buster. The second you’re within range you should focus on using your buster only.


This one was interesting to say the least. The battle kind of goes like a time limit in some ways. It’s possible to knock out this boss before the turrets/laser are even reached, which is a relief. If you don’t however, Glyde does his best to torment you with his arsenal. Not a bad boss, but I liked the Bonne portion better. 6.5/10.

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