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1600 (Skull), 1280 (Each Wing), 272 (Each Gun Set),1024 (Underside)


After you’ve retrieved the necessary refractor from Clozer Woods and are making your way back to Cardon Forest, the Bonnes decide to attack you. Roll tries to hide behind the clouds, but the rather large ship on your tail is easily giving pursuit, so Megaman decides to stand on top of the Flutter and fight them directly. After knocking out the Draches that are sent out, Megaman now has to take on the intimidating ship, as low as the odds would seem.

The main thing that gets most people is the element of surprise; you really don’t expect to be fighting pirates here, so more than likely the idea of saving was thrown out of the window. To make matters worse, you could be using a terrible weapon or you forgot to repair your life shield (or even heal), so it’s rather easy to panic here. Despite how things look, however, the Bonnes’ bark is actually much worse than their bite here, as the Gesellschaft isn’t too hard to take out should you keep a cool head. It’s selection of attacks is also quite limited, but you really have to watch the Flutter’s health since that’s an instant Game Over anyway. There are weak spots on the underside, wings, and skull marking, so learning to exploit these is key in this battle.


Front Bomber

Whenever the Flutter is positioned in front of the Gesellschaft, bombs will fly in and try to land on the Flutter. You can shoot these before they hit the ship to avoid damage.

Side Bomber

The cannons on the side of the ship fire red bombs when the Flutter is aligned with it. You can shoot the bombs themselves, and the cannons can also be temporarily destroyed when you shoot at them. It’s always good to try to take the cannons out as the bombs can do quite a bit of damage if left unchecked.

Twin Plasma Cannon

Once all of the other areas of the Gesellschaft have been shot down, the Bonne Logo on the front of the ship will be the last contender. Twin large green plasma shots will be fired from the eyes of the Skull repeatedly, so you should really try to kill this thing as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t take too much damage here, especially with the right weapons.

Good Weapons to Use

Active Buster

This is pretty much your best friend in this fight, as you can take out the Gesellchaft’s weak spots in mere seconds if used correctly. The great thing about having potentially infinite ammo is that you can be as reckless as you want and not have to pay the price for it. The long range means that you can destroy the wings & underside from the same spot (under the ship), so this really saves time. You shouldn’t take a single hit if this thing is fully upgraded.

Spread Buster

This thing is pretty nice as well, particularly due to the firepower and range. This requires a little more strategy, but one you get acclimated to the range you can take out the weak spots VERY quickly.


This is no doubt one of the most noteworthy fights in the game. I wish the Gesellschaft had a few more tactics, but the fight overall is pretty good, despite the fact that it catches most first-timers by surprise. Still, it adds to the charm of the game, and the fact that it sets up for the Fokkerwolf is pretty nice as well. I rate the Gesellschaft an 8.5/10!

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