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Glyde Drache Ace

HP: 640 (B), 1024 (A), 1600 (S)

This review features the quacktastic Glyde Drache Ace!


With Nino’s defenses constantly repelling Glyde’s army, Glyde’s expies of Huey, Dewey, and Louie gear up for attack. While Glyde Drache Ace shares the same body as the regular Glyde Draches, it sports a unique color scheme. This elite mech features improved durability along with the machine guns of the stock model. While GDA doesn’t drop bombs like its predecessor, it will use ramming as a means of attack.

Glyde Drache Ace appears on two occasions. Its first appearance is as the last enemy Mega Man has to fight on Nino Island. The second encounter takes place at their home base, as the Birdbots do their best to stall Mega Man and Shu before the avian base detonates.

Dealing With It

Glyde Drache Ace has two attacks, both of which are fairly straightforward. When the mech flies nearby, it will try and graze Mega Man with its machine guns. A jump or quick roll will clear this attack rather efficiently. When the mech stops flying and points at the Blue Bomber, it’s looking to ram you. Timing a dodge-roll is the most consistent way to avoid damage, as the dive can sometimes catch a jump.

Like other flying pirates Mega Man has fought in the past, Glyde Drache Ace is best approached with a ranged weapon. Buster Cannon stands out as the best choice, as you can land hits at any point during its movement pattern. Homing Missile or the Buster works as well, you’ll just have to time your shots right before it goes for a dive.

While Glyde Drache Ace does appear on Shu’s base, it’s more of a distraction than an actual threat. Note that you can actually kill it this time around, but it’s not worth the time. Just destroy the tanks, grab Shu, and run for the door.

Coming In For A Landing

Glyde Drache Ace functioned well as a boss, and personally, I loved the comic relief that was provided. “Blue guy? Are you talking about me? Huh? You talking about me?” That kills me every time. I wished the Birdbots could have gotten more screen time in Legends 2, but the time that they did have was at least well utilized. Glyde Drache Ace gets a solid 8/10.

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