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This review features Shala-Kun’s own gyrating Gravurwa!


The Shala-Kun ruins’ prized Aurora Stones are protected by a powerful reaverbot guardian, ready to assault any would-be intruder looking to run off with them. The third and final stone is looked after by Gravurwa!

Gravurwa is filled with small holes around its lower area, with multiple protrusions that stick out of its upper body, leaving a tiny spiked head at the top. This reaverbot’s primary method of offense is to spin rapidly like a top. It is able to chase intruders at a high speed if need be, only stopping when it hits a nearby wall. Gravurwa is also capable of firing bombs out of its top portion when stationary. As this reaverbot continues to take damage, the protrusions on its upper body gradually fall off.

Dealing With It

Gravurwa’s weak spot lies in the holes on its lower body. When it stops to shoot bombs, this is the perfect opportunity to line up a beacon bomb shot on one of them. Once a hole has been destroyed, that location will spout fire, causing damage if Finkel or a Servbot gets too close. Once all of the holes have been destroyed, Gravurwa will fall.

This fight is very straightforward, as Gravurwa only has two real attacks. The bombs are avoided with a simple sidestep, and the spinning attack can be dodged the same way every time. It starts off rotating slowly, tracking your movements in the process. Gravurwa will then stop and begin to charge while rotating, making a beeline for your current position. Both of these attacks can be dealt with by constantly moving around. Note that Gravurwa cannot be hurt when it is in motion.

What makes this fight challenging isn’t the difficulty of dodging its attacks. As you destroy Gravurwa’s weak points, it becomes increasingly tough to hit the remaining ones without ending up with a charred Servbot. This fight requires patience; if a weak spot doesn’t appear in front of you, don’t panic, just ride out the spinning attacks until it finally leaves itself open.

Coming In For A Landing

Gravurwa is certainly an interesting reaverbot. I liked the fact that the fight involved problem solving and patience along with learning how to dodge enemy patterns. The design was also creative as well, keeping the abstract reaverbot theme while being a unique and memorable boss fight. I give this rotating reaver a solid 8/10!

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