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Grenade Arm

Crafted from only a Grenade Kit, the Grenade Arm’s upgrade costs add up to 31100z, which is surprisingly higher than the Powered Buster’s costs. This is another one of those early game weapons that you inevitably end up tossing aside (some sooner than others).

The Grenade Arm allows Megaman to toss a single Grenade straight ahead of him. The range can be augmented by using Free Look to rear back a little. The grenades themselves explode after a couple of seconds, and they also explode on enemy contact. The grenades also bounce off of walls, as well as the ground.

The weapon itself is pretty weak, sharing the same attack power with the Splash Mine. Heck, the Machine Buster hits harder, and that rapid fires! It honestly would take quite a few of these to kill anything, and then you have to consider the fact that you only have 48 (or less) of these puppies on-hand. The wall-bouncing effect doesn’t really help much, either. In the time it takes for you to toss this around the corner, you could have manually swung around the corner yourself and blasted them in the face with your buster (and you’ll most likely do more damage too). This effect was better executed by the Reflector Arm of MML2, as wall-bouncing shots generally play out better than wall-bouncing bombs.

Honestly, the Grenade Arm isn’t too great. It’s the weakest weapon in the game outside of the Normal Arm, and the slowness of the throwing animation prevents it from being quick as well. The wall-bouncing gimmick is pretty useless as well. The Grenade Arm gets a 2/10, as it really is one of those weapons that are just plain pointless.

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