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Ground Crawler

Ground Crawler

Time Obtained: Early
Upgrade Cost: Very Low
Recharge Time: Quick
Overall Grade: S

In this review we take a look at the Ground Crawler, one of the more *ahem* striking weapons in Legends 2. (I know, that was horrible.)

Price Tag

Crafted from a Bowling Ball and a Rusted Mine, the Ground Crawler is one of the most economical weapons in the game. Upgrade costs stack up to a mere 69,500z, which is quite thrifty. Considering how early you get this (right before Manda Ruins), you can fully upgrade it rather early in the game and save the extra cash. The Special stat increases the homing ability of the weapon.

What it Does

This weapon essentially functions like a bowling ball. It pops out of the weapon, hits the ground, and rolls straight ahead, curving towards any nearby enemies. It also crawls up walls, and leaves an explosion if it makes contact with an enemy or just plain reaches its range limit. They can be fired rapidly, and it should be noted that the damage potential on this thing is HUGE. A large number of the game’s bosses go down in seconds to this thing.

Note that, due to the Ground Crawler’s nature, it will not hit aerial targets. You can jump and try to land some point blank hits, but that is the best you can hope for.

Is Roll Trying to Rip You Off?

All factors considered, the Ground Crawler is one of the best weapons in the game, period (second to the Homing Missile in my opinion). What really makes this weapon so good is the price; it’s extremely cheap for the amount of power it dishes out. You can start using this on Manda and be fine until you hit Elysium. The only real downside is that it doesn’t hit aerial opponents, but because of the low price there’s no real problem with switching this out for something else when you need to, and you do still have your buster.

The Ground Crawler is just too good. Between the economical ‘low-risk/high-reward’ and the extreme amount of power this dishes out, I’ll have to give it a 10/10! Pick this up and you’ll never have problems with a 7-10 split again!

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