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Found in one of Kattelox’s Sub-Cities, Gai-Nee Tooren is a massive, train-like reaverbot that patrols the area. This reaverbot has no direct attacks of its own, instead sending out a seemingly endless horde of Red Zakobon and Large Sharukurusu from its caboose to attack any would-be intruder. When these smaller reaverbots (at least in comparison to Gai-Nee Tooren) are destroyed, more are released.

However, Gai-Nee Tooren’s only method of attack is also its sole weakness. While this gigantic reaverbot is normally immune to all outside attacks, it is vulnerable when opening the hatch to release more reaverbots. When the hatch takes enough damage, a section of Gai-Nee Tooren’s body is destroyed. When all 3 sections of its body are destroyed, Gai-Nee Tooren finally bites the dust.

Dealing With It

Seeing as you can’t attack it directly, the best method of defeating Gai-Nee Tooren is to follow it around and wait for it to open its hatch. Good projectile weapons like the Machine Buster, Active Buster, and the Powered Buster are all great for inflicting damage on the behemoth, as well as your trusty Buster. Staying aware of the other reaverbots being released is a good idea as well; Gai-Nee Tooren will not open the hatch to release more reaverbots if there are enough in the room, so you have to keep the enemy count down.

Coming In for a Landing

Gai-Nee Tooren was a pretty unique idea for a reaverbot. It’s large and impenetrable from the outside, and its only attack is also its only weakness. Gotta love the initial surprise factor of seeing a reaverbot that imposing and trying to figure out how to damage it. Easily one of my favorites from the first Legends game, Gai-Nee Tooren rates a 9/10!

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