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Hangekal’s definitely a reaverbot that you encounter at one point during the game and completely forget about afterward. Deep beneath Calinca Ruins lie the keys to get into Elysium’s library, and these little guys fill that hole…erm, role.

What makes these keys different from other standard keys in the game is that they’re actually sentient. They run about in the icy room, evading any diggers who wish to collect them. There are three of them total, and they have a tactical advantage, being that they can not only split up if need be, but the room they reside is huge. Said room houses many different reaverbots, one of which is a giant missile-shooting chicken that runs over you physically if you get too close to it. Man, I thought misplacing my car keys before leaving the house was bad…

Dealing With It

Picking up one of these keys involves walking up to it and using either the circle button or the Lifter. Unfortunately, it’s no where near that simple. You can shoot the keys to momentarily stun them, and the keys also give off a red glow so ‘re very hard to lose track of. Should you run into some Horrokko waiting to jump you, just ignore them and keep moving, as they won’t follow you if you go too far. And by all means, destroy the giant Janfoden in the room. Those missiles will be the bane of your existence if you Mr. KFC spots you.

Note that using the actual walk command allows you to get close to Hangekal before it spots you (a rare occurrence when the walk command is actually useful).

Coming In for a Landing

Hangekal serves its purpose as being collection fodder, as mundane of a job as that is. This is a reaver that’s hard to slap a solid rating on, but I’ll give it a 6/10. I didn’t particularly enjoy this part of the game, but it was unique, and would’ve been more interesting had they used it in a different area or something. I just hope that Elysians aren’t using this technology for more practical purposes, as the thought of my keys up and walking away doesn’t exactly sit well with me.

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