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HP: 70 (B) 96 (A) 150 (S)

This review features the four-legged freak known as Harin!


Found on Elysium, these spider-like reaverbots lurk certain rooms in the Defense Area. They are directly tied to the locks in the room, meaning that they must be destroyed in order to proceed. They resemble Cannam in their design, and while they do share similarities, Harin is its own beast.

Like Cannam, these reaverbots are capable of traveling on both the ground and the ceiling. They can also drop bombs from the ceiling if they so desire. However, Harin is unique in that it behaves differently based on the current gravity settings. When the gravity is heavy, Harin stays on the ground, filling the screen with red bubbles that burn on contact. In normal and low gravity, these reaverbots will hang out on the ceiling and drop bombs on intruders below, along with paralyzing bubbles. When Harin is shot down, it will use the high-gravity pattern, staying on the ground and firing red bubbles.

It’s worth noting that the rooms occupied with Harin also have Shoebafun present. This is a particularly nasty combination that can really catch a digger off guard if they’re pre-occupied with avoiding the bubbles and bombs.

Dealing With It

Because of the way the Defense Area is set up, you’re going to have to fight these guys multiple times in succession. Your best bet is to bring something to the defense area to end these fights quickly. Homing Missile is a solid one here, as you’re going to be jumping a lot to avoid the bomb explosions as they hit the ground. Likewise, you should have Light and Flame Barriers at this point in the game. The last thing you need is to have status effects slow you down.

Coming In For a Landing

Harin is a really good example of taking an enemy from the first game and improving on it in nearly every way. The way it acts based on the current gravity setting was a really nice touch. Personally, I wish these guys didn’t respawn whenever you enter and exit their room, but it’s a nice challenge. Our amazing friend gets a 9/10.

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