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Homing Missile

Time Obtained: Very Early
Upgrade Cost: Moderately High
Recharge Time: Slow
Overall Grade: S

Let’s take a look at the Homing Missile, this game’s rendition of the prequel’s Active Buster:

Price Tag & Performance

Crafted from a Bottle Rocket and Radar Notes, the Homing Missile is one of two of the first offensive weapons that you receive in Legends 2. Its upgrade costs stack up to a rather hefty 2,950,000z, making it the 3rd most expensive weapon in the game. Like the Active Buster before it, this weapon fires homing missiles (duh!) that leave decent sized explosions when they arrive at their destination. The design trades the blue missile launcher design for a more compact look, sporting a brown and silver palette with dark blue highlights. These weapons pierce armor, such as the shields that Gorubeshu carry, or Puurin’s mouth when it’s closed. The more the Special stat is upgraded, the more accurate the tracking capacity is.

The Homing Missile is arguably the most versatile special weapon in the game. It hits pretty much every enemy with no problem, can be fired while moving, and has a very well-rounded stat distribution. In fact, it’s one of the few weapons that can be maxed out with infinite ammo. This gives you a lot of room for error, as you don’t have to worry about conserving shots like you do with so many other weapons.

There aren’t many downsides to this weapon, but they do exist. The homing capacity is solid, but it still has trouble hitting enemies that fly through the air quickly. Machines like Glyde Draches can be hard to hit once they take off, unlike quick firing weapons like the Buster Cannon. Also, the explosion that the Homing Missile leaves behind may be less than desirable in some cases. The citizens of Kimotoma may not like it if you destroy their precious statue while fighting the Bonnes…


Is Roll Trying To Rip You Off?

This flexible sidearm is the most solid weapon in the game, hands down. You get it early, can upgrade it throughout the game, and it never stops being useful throughout the game. Assuming that you aren’t going for 100% completion, you can just leave this thing on your arm for the entirety of the game. The Homing Missile gets a perfect 10 from me, it’s just all-around awesome.

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