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Horunisse is a machine that can really be a pain to take down. This mech is seen during the Bonne’s raid on City Hall, as they are responsible for carrying in the multiple Maiberu Haagen that have the duty of wrecking the buildings in the area.

Appearance-wise, these things pretty much look like a basic hovercraft paired with rather large arms that make it look like it wants to give you a hug. Of course, the arms don’t do anything in the fight aside from carry other machines (Glyde’s version DID, but that’s another story for another time). Like the Blumebears, they come in three colors: red, blue and yellow. However, unlike their tank-like cousins, there is no performance difference between them, as the change is merely cosmetic.

Horunisse’s only method of attack is to drop multiple bombs on you. Outside of dropping more enemies for you to defeat, this is pretty much their only tactic. The bombs bounce a couple of times before exploding, so you pretty much need to hoof it quickly if you want to leave unscathed.

Dealing With It

These are pretty much the first enemies you need to set your sights on. If you focus on the MH only you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. My personal strategy is to only take out the MH that pose an immediate threat, and then focus on the Horunisse. They don’t take too long to knock out, ad then you can clean up the rest of the enemies for a rather simplistic victory.

Also, another tip for making this fight easier would be to turn the lock-on function off! I’ve heard a lot of people complain that the lock-on function gets you killed here, and it’s true; with all of the enemies in the area, you’re very liable to lock-on to the wrong enemy and get slapped by something you didn’t see coming. Free Look is a much better alternative, as you’re more likely to get more shots in. Megaman’s buster auto-aims in this game anyway, so that’s another (even safer) option for hitting these flying creations.

Coming In For A Landing

These things were a pain in the rear the first time I played this game, but with experience it’s a lot easier to know how to take them down. Along with Maiberu Haagen, this mech is pretty memorable, and helps to lead the way for Bon, who fights a lot like a fusion of the two aforementioned mechs. The Horunisse rates an8/10 from me!

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