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Hover Gustaff

1440 (B), 1600 (A), 2240 (S)


After Megaman’s done working with the Bonnes, their temporary truce is over, and the Bonnes are ready to fight for the key to the Mother Lode. Tron sports a revamped version of her Gustaff from MoTB which hovers instead of walks, and also sports a new flamethrower as well as a large shield. She even brought a couple of her Servbots with her to aid her in battle.

Tron’s battle strategy is more or less pure rushdown, although she can play a defensive game with that new shield of hers. Her armor is quite frail, so she uses it rather often to protect herself from your buster. Luckily for you, certain special weapons will pass right through it, damaging her in the process.


Servbot Support

Throughout the fight, Servbots #11 and #23 will stay near Tron, occasionally throwing Bombs out in sets of three. While not overly annoying, they can be somewhat of a nuisance if left unchecked. You can actually take them out, but they’ll be back up as time passes. You can also pick ’em up with the Lifter and toss them at Tron for a little damage.

Machine Barrage “What kind of arm is that?”

At this point in the game you’re probably sick of seeing those little yellow shots. At any rate, Tron fires at you for a while, and she’s tracking you as well, so you’ve really got to keep moving to avoid damage. She’s not blocking during this attack, so you can fire back; just use some caution.


Tron fires a constant stream of flame from her right arm, using the other arm to shield herself from your attacks. The attack isn’t too annoying on it’s own, as the fact that she’s hiding behind the shield is often more or less of a nuisance when you’re trying to get some damage in. That said, you can simply use a piercing weapon to tear right through the shield and damage her directly. Needless to say, you’ll be burned if this hits you.

Bonne Bazooka “Take this!”

Tron fires a couple of grenades, setting a decent chunk of the floor on fire. If you were circling before, you may want to think twice, as a misstep can burn you and turn this fight in a nasty direction.

Beacon Bomb “Good luck, boys!”

Tron uses the Beacon Bomb to lock on to you. When you are locked on to, the Servbots will charge after you, chucking bombs at you from close range. This can be really tough to deal with, as the little guys are rather relentless, so you have to keep away for a while until they let up. This attack is extremely rare, though, so chances are you probably won’t see it at all.

Good Weapons to Use

Anything that pierces

Hyper Shell, Buster Cannon, Ground Crawler, Crusher, Blade Arm, and Homing Missile are all good weapons to use here. They outright override the shield, and are capable of knocking Tron out in a few seconds, given her frailty.


The Hover Gustaff was a pretty decent boss, particularly given the novelty of using an armor from a different game. My only real problem with this boss is that it’s too easy, as 5 Ground Crawler shots shouldn’t kill her on Very Hard. The servbots in battle were pretty neat to see in action, however, and helped add to the charm. The infamous cutscene that follows afterwards is pretty classic, as well. Despite it’s flaws, the Hover Gustaff battle was pretty nicely done, and earns a solid 9/10!

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