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Hunter Seeker

The Hunter Seeker is made from 2 parts: the Sensor and Autofire Notes, both found in the Kimotoma Caverns (S license required). Cash-wise, you’re not going to kill yourself trying to upgrade this thing, as the total upgrade costs stack up to 725,000z. 610,000z of that goes to the Special rating, so the rest is relatively cheap. It’s the 7th most expensive weapon in the game, although the Machine Gun Arm is next in line (money-wise) at 266,000z, which is a pretty large gap.

The weapon is pretty unique: you fire a small pod ahead of you that fires at whatever you lock-on to. The pod also explodes when it makes contact with anything, or when it’s been out for a certain amount of time, which can be lengthened by upgrading the Special rating. Because it fires by itself, this means that you can spend your time running/dodging while the thing fires at you enemy. You can also fire your buster alongside the pod for added damage. If you have more than one pod out (done by upgrading the special), the damage can pile up quickly, especially with a properly raised attack stat.

As stated earlier, the pod also explodes on contact. Used properly, you can do some interesting stuff with this. Placing one in the path of an incoming Reaverbot is pretty amusing; it’s also pretty painful, as the explosion does quite a bit of damage. The great thing about it is that if functions as an effective defense as well as an offense. It’s a pretty nice boss-basher as well. Tron’s Hover Gustaff went down in about 3 explosions (S License), and it’s not a bad idea to place these things in Geetz’s path when he charges at you. In a sense, it’s an improved Splash Mine; they can be placed aerially and you can fire them while moving.

It does its fair share of weaknesses, however. In a situation where you’re constantly moving, the weapon is quite useless. The pod floats in one position, so if you stray too far you’ve essentially wasted weapon energy. Heck, if you brought this thing to the Gomoncha battle, you’re pretty much stale. Also, because the pods only shoot when you’re locked-on, you might feel as if you’re wasting energy when you’re not locking on to anything, particularly when you get your special stat leveled up.

At the end of the day, you’ve got a pretty unique weapon, with only a few drawbacks. The Hunter Seeker gets an 8/10 from me, because it’s just plain fun to use.

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