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Hyper Shell

The Hyper Shell is crafted from two parts, a Rusty Bazooka and a Firecracker. The total upgrade costs of this one total up to a rather chunky sum of 950,000z. However, spending some time with King Miroc can make it seem a lot less daunting. The special stat increases the size of the blast radius when an enemy is hit.

This weapon essentially acts like a beefed-up Powered Buster from MML1. You shoot a red fireball at an enemy, and it explodes on contact with an enemy, wall, obstacle, etc,. However, when an enemy is struck, an even larger explosion occurs, and its radius depends on the special stat. Depending on the situation, you can take out multiple reavers with only one shot. The explosion seems to tack extra damage on as well, so the weapon actually deals max damage when both the special and attack stats are at their highest level.

This thing does quite a bit of damage, and has rather impressive range as well. Along with the Buster Cannon, the Hyper Shell actually boasts the highest range stat in the game. Heck, if you’ve been upgrading the range stat nicely, you can actually shoot the back of the Gomoncha yourself instead of the slow (but funny) process of chucking Servbot missiles at it. This thing can put some huge dents in bosses; some go down in less than 5 shots.

There are a couple negatives about this one, however. It fires slower than its predecessor, which means getting a shot off against some more aggressive enemies can prove difficult. Also, it takes a little while to recharge after firing one shot, so you can not fire these in a quick, consecutive fashion. However, this weapon does make for an extremely effective sniping tool, as it takes out most enemies in one shot. The delay is not too large, but it is noticeable. It doesn’t burn too much weapon energy when fully upgraded either, but I still recommend carrying a Hyper Cartridge for extended uses.

Really, the Hyper Shell is a pretty nice weapon. In the end, I give it a 9/10. A bit slow, but an extremely nice improvement on the Powered Buster from the previous game.

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