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HP:35 (B), 50 (A), 80 (S)

35 (B), 50 (A), 80 (S)


Easily one of the smallest reaverbots around, Inmii is only found within the lush ruins deep beneath Manda Island. These little bugs push forward from one tunnel to another as they head off to…wherever it is that they’re off to. Makes you wonder if there’s a ton of them beneath the surface of the ruins just hanging out down there. Inmii are surprisingly passive, even for reaverbots. They possess no direct attacks of their own, only causing damage if they run into a digger that happens to be in their lane. Even if shot at, they just mind their business and keep going.

Dealing With It

As such, Inmii’s true purpose is to be an obstacle rather than an actual enemy. Instead of going on the offense, your job is to zigzag between them in order to avoid taking any damage. This is generally easy, although accessing the central tower controls changes things a bit. This leads to the activation of a giant bug zapper in one particular corridor, making the timing a little tougher.

Note that you can, in fact, destroy Inmii, but there’s little reason to do so. They’ll continue to exit their tunnels in unlimited quantities, and the zenny drop is abysmal.

Coming In For A Landing

Inmii’s design fits the ‘jungle’ theme of Manda well enough, but as an enemy, it’s underwhelming, and quite frankly, forgettable. This reaverbot really could have used some more polish. It would go a long way in making them more than a minor roadblock. This mediocre creepy crawler rates a 2/10.

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