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MML1: 32, 512 (Nest)
MML2: 15 (B), 24 (A), 50 (S) [Yosyonke]
32 (B), 32 (A), 60 (S) [Manda]
32 (B), 55 (A), 76 (S) [Calbania]


The dragonfly-like Jakkos are first seen in MML1, not too far into Cardon Ruins. They initially reside in nests, coming out if approached or if their nest takes enough damage. Like a good number of other reavers, they too prefer to hang in packs, often ganging up on you in tandem with their own species (or otherwise). Seeing as they’re structurally quite weak, this is pretty much their way of compensating for it.

Their only method of attack is to pursue you, causing collision damage if they make contact with you. In MML2, they showed up in a few different locales, with a few upgrades as well. They pop out of the ground in some areas, they now gave a distinct cry before attacking, some of them had the ability to fire small yellow shots at you, and they could also be used for (minor) flight purposes (hold ‘X’ while carrying them). However, they lost the protection of the nest, and as such were far more vulnerable.

Dealing With It

In MML1, the easiest way to get rid of these guys is to try to take the nest out first from a distance. If approached directly, they’ll immediately go on the offensive, making the task a little more difficult, so distanced fighting is the best way to go. Once the nest is gone, taking out the not-so-little insects shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

The Jakkos in the sequel operate a little differently. Outside of Manda Ruins, the Jakkos will often leave you alone if you ignore them or run away. Once they go back into the ground, that’s pretty much it, so there’s not much a point to fighting them, especially since they don’t drop that much zenny. In the same vein, the ones in Manda Ruins are quite negligible, as you can’t really reach the ones on the bottom floor near the entrace (sans Buster Cannon), and getting into a fight on the top platform or trap room is generally a bad idea, unless you like headaches and paralysis.

Coming In For A Landing

Jakkos’ weren’t really all too memorable for me. The only thing of note that makes them memorable in MML1 were the nests, which were a pain to break, the sequel took that away, which sort of pushed them into obscurity. The flying feature was a fun easter egg, and it was nice to see that they had that level of polish in the game itself. I have to ask, though, why exactly did they place them in Calinca? It makes sense to place the dragonfly reaver in a jungle or open field (near water), but finding them in a random, out-of-the-way place in Calinca just caught me off guard completely.

In the end, I’d have to give the Jakkos a 6.5/10. A few good points, but overall not very memorable.

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