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Janfoden is an interesting chicken-like reaverbot. It’s pretty rare as it is, only appearing a grand total of 2 times throughout the game. There are 2 of them in a large, lava-filled room in Saul Kada’s ruins, and there’s also a giant one housed deep in Calinca’s icy ruins. They’re pretty healthy reavers; while both versions share around the same amount of HP, that amount is over 3/4 of Rush Mamoo’s, which is quite a bit.

On offense, Janfoden prefers a long-range fighting style. Missiles are its weapon of choice, and it uses them liberally. It can start shooting at you long before you get a chance to fire at it, and the missiles are homing, yet destroyable. The giant variation fires missiles as well, but these are a bit stronger. This variation also has bombs that can be fired from their mouths (which are also destroyable), and they can and will tackle you at close range, which is an interesting deviation from their stationary cousins.

Dealing With It

These things are pretty tankish when it comes to HP and power, and you honestly can’t ignore them given their extroadinary vision. You’re probably better off going for a circling stategy when faced with one, and note that depending on your equipped weapon this could take quite a bit of time. The lava in Saul Kada’s ruins can make this trickier than need be, as well.

Note that the missiles can in fact be grabbed and thrown back at the reavers, although this is rather risky. If your positioning isn’t correct the missile will outright blow up in your hands, and you really don’t want that.

The giant ones can be taken care of by cirling as well, but you’ve got to be a lot more cautious. Ice Horrokkos can pop up and status you, making you more susceptible to dying should you not have a Medicine Bottle on hand. The fact that it can run you down at will is a problem too. If you’re just trying to hoof it to Rimblemenji’s room with minimal confrontation, equipping the Jet Skates and hugging the wall is your best bet. Even then there’s a chance of you getting spotted and shot by this thing, so an Energy Canteen is very handy to have around.

Coming In For A Landing

Janfoden is certainly an interesting beast. The physical appearance is certainly unique, and it’s sheer HP

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