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Red: 120 (B), 255 (A), 255 (S)
Gold: 128 (B), 255 (A), 255 (S)

(Artwork courtesy of B-R-E-T)

This reaverbot review features the speedy Juraid!


While most reaverbots choose to hide out underground, the scarlet-clad Juraid only appears on the surface. This reaverbot only appears in two areas; once in a single area in Calbania, and again in front of the Master’s house. These machines will speed through areas with reckless abandon, only stopping if an intruder is spotted, in which case they will pursue. Juraid’s long, flappy arms are what it uses to attack, spinning them rapidly when near its target.

While there are color differences between the Calbania and Elysium varieties, the differences between them are negligible. The ones in front of the Master’s house are paired with Shoebafun, however, which is a rather deadly combination.

Dealing With It

Juraid is best taken down from a distance. You really don’t want to be on the business end of those arms, which can inflict several hits of damage in a single sequence. Choosing long-range also means that you can take them out before they actually see you.

It’s worth noting that a single powerful hit is enough to leave them stunned and immobile. Something like the Buster Cannon or Homing Missile will leave Juraid helplessly on the ground. They’ll flap their arms, but unless you get close, it’s a complete non-issue, and you can just finish them with the buster.

Coming In For a Landing

Juraid’s a pretty solid design. I like the idea of a surface-only reaver, and its attack pattern and habits were unique enough to set it apart from the others. The fact that it can be “tripped” with a powerful shot was a nice touch as well. Also, am I the only one who found the picture in Shu’s house to be adorable?

Screenshot courtesy of MMLS!

Juraid gets a solid 7/10 from me!


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