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32 (B), 64 (A), 128 (S)


Kalmare is a rather interesting bot at first glance. As Megaman treks through the desert in search of Saul Kada, these little guys are the last thing one would expect to see. Of course, the name Kalmare is a pun on the word Calamari, which refers to squid.

Attack-wise, the best way to describe Kalmare is a Miitan with more options. Should you get close enough to this mech, it will release paralyzing gas that will slow you in your tracks should you not have the Light Barrier. Should this happen, Kalmare will proceed to self-destruct, inflicting heavy damage to Megaman. If Kalmare is destroyed otherwise, it will leave a Miitan-sized explosion (the kind that damage you lightly), but interestingly enough it leaves no zenny behind.

Dealing With It

As dangerous as Kalmare sounds on paper, the Light Barrier all but nullifies this ‘paralyze-and-suicide’ strategy. Because Kalmare is not an immediate threat like Miitan is (Miitan glows red as soon as it gets close, while Kalmare prefers to paralyze you first), you really don’t have much to fear from this thing. Take it out from a distance and you’ll have no problems at all. If that wasn’t enough, Kalmare dies immediately when thrown with the Lifter. Just grab it as soon as it pops up, chuck it, and BOOM, it’s gone.

Coming In for a Landing

I thought Kalmare was an interesting choice for a Bonne robot (it’s kind of cute, even), and the gimmick of paralysis + explosion (almost sounds like I’m talking Pokemon here) is a very lethal one. However, I think Kalmare comes off as underwhelming, and the fact that it’s only used in a single, small area of the game limits its memorability as an enemy. Then again, I guess the Bonnes as a whole were underwhelming in Legends 2. I’d have to give Kalmare a 4/10.

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