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Karubun’s certainly a hefty fellow, and he’s pretty much the reaverbot equivalent of a tank. These big guys aren’t seen until late in MML1, appearing in a couple of the Sub-Cities as well as the Main Gate. These reavers usually appear with other reavers, be it their own species or with others. They honestly aren’t too fearsome-looking, but given their appearance you know that it’ll take more than a few hits to put one of these bad boys down.

Given the fact that these things are tanks, they’re characteristically slow and powerful. Karubun is equipped with machine guns on its underside for long-range fighting, and bombs that come out of its mouth when an enemy gets a little closer. Movement wise, they do walk around a bit when not occupied, but when engaged with an enemy they stand still as they attack. These reaverbots drop a decent amount of zenny as well.

Dealing With It

The best thing you can do to take one of these things out is to stay at a distance and keep shooting. These guys are pretty healthy, so it’s a bit of a chore to get rid of them. The machine gun shots can do some damage, so staying at a distance gives you more time to react and also keeps the bombs at bay. Should a shot clip you, hit the jump button quickly to roll out of the way; the last thing you want is to take multiple shots while your Life Shield is temporarily down. Keep firing and Karubun should fall in short order.

Coming In For A Landing

When thinking of reaverbots from MML1, Karubun’s not exactly the first to come to mind. He’s a bit overlooked due to his late appearance, but he’s still a good design and pretty formidable as well. Is it wrong if I admit that the purple ones remind me of Barney the Dinosaur? XD Regardless, Karubun gets an 8/10!

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